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What’s Going On

Our site’s up and running, and we’re officially in the publishing business!

Mostly we’ve been writers who have published our own books for family consumption, but since the Civil War diary of my great, great grandfather, Captain Francis Asbury Vaughan (Union) went on display at the Bullock Texas State History Museum, we’ve been getting a lot of interest in the story of this family. Having two books published and three more in various stages of writing/publishing, we decided to launch SGR Publishing, to formally offer the stories to a broader audience.

Here’s the lineup:

Yesteryear by Jeff Stewart, published in 2005

Yesteryear, The Next Generation by Wayne Stewart, published in 2016

Mentoring Intentional Excellence by Wayne Stewart, to be published in 2017

Passing The Torch by Wayne and Dottie Stewart & Bruce and Lisa Stevenson, to be published in 2018

The Vaughans of Texas by Wayne Stewart, a history of the 8 generations of Texans, to be published in 2017

And then there will be the “Yesteryears” of future generations.

Please let us hear from you at or through the “Contact Us” feature here on the website.

Wayne Stewart

4 thoughts on “What’s Going On

  1. Counting down the days until IT’S HERE!

    On June 15th, Wayne Stewart’s new book, Mentoring Intentional Excellence, A Guide for Early- and Mid-Career Professionals will officially launch. Take a look at the new page that previews the book’s cover. The book will be available from numerous outlets, in both print and electronic formats. You can pre-order a print version through Amazon at

    Or you can wait until June 15th to order through our website.

    Either way, I hope you’ll enjoy my new book.


  2. Book sales are picking up, which is nice, and we’re uploading some great photos on our “8 Generations” page, so stay tuned for the new items of interest. We continue to improve the website based on your comments, and we’re exploring adding some new authors to the “Generations of Texas” family.

    My business book is off to the editor and we should be ready to announce it formally within a couple of months. It’s a compilation of lessons learned from Wayne’s almost 50-year career, based on real experiences in running organizations and businesses, large and small. I think it’s going to be really good. Check back to hear about the new book.

    Best news of all, though, was the discovery of a long-lost relative, Wesley Vaughan and his wife Marjorie. They were on the web doing some family research and found our website. He contacted me and we’ve gotten acquainted. What a great discovery!!

    Thanks for checking in with us.


  3. Thanks to all our website “beta testers.” Your suggestions are being implemented. In particular:

    o We’ve corrected several errors pointed out to us. Thank you!
    o We’ve reduced prices and removed automatic shipping.
    o We’ll be adding more pictures and information on the “8 Generations” page.
    o Our next book, “Intentional Change,” has gone off to the editor/designer/printer, with a target release date late first quarter. A book of Lessons Learned and Intentional Change in the world of high tech business, it will challenge your concepts of management and executive leadership.
    o We’ve fully tested the commerce system, and we’re now taking orders for books and shipping them within two days. We appreciate those who have bought already, and we’re encouraged by all the site traffic and interest.
    o We’re opening discussions to add a couple of new titles that will expand your view of the 8 generations story.

    Thanks again, and stay tuned for more to come.


  4. Awesome Wayne. Quite an inspiring project. I look forward to digging in

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