Mentoring Intentional Excellence




Mentoring Intentional Excellence, A Guide for Early- and Mid-Career Professionals is a hands-on walk through Wayne Stewart’s 40-plus year career as professional, manager, executive, director, and entrepreneur with global high-tech companies. It’s organized by chapters of topical interest, such as Intentional Beginnings, Dancing With Your People, Dealing with Big Personalities, and Battling the Octopus, each dealing with personal decisions and the successes and failures that followed. Wayne pulls no punches in delivering personal lessons-learned for up-and-coming professionals with aspirations to succeed in the world of business.


Congratulations, you have in hand a tool that presents an honest, straightforward look at the ups and downs of a life and professional career, providing wisdom and common sense that have been gathered the hard way, by real experience. This book is truly an educational and informative read and the Lessons Learned are nuggets of ideas, ethics and examples that are fielded from the real world. Take this book seriously and you will gain knowledge to guide a better life worth living.”

Tom Longmire, VP/Chief Procurement Officer, US Onshore, British Petroleum


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